A Collaborative Resource for the Intelligence Community

Headquartered in Dayton, Ohio, The Advanced Technical Intelligence Center for Human Capital Development (ATIC) is an independent 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization established to help address critical human capital and technological development needs within the US Intelligence Community (IC) and related industries.  The primary mission of ATIC is to educate and train a workforce of appropriately cleared government and contractor personnel capable of generating actionable information from technical intelligence systems. ATIC currently supports workforce development in the areas of technical intelligence analysis, cyber security, and law enforcement analysis.  ATIC also provides a multi-level secure environment to support collaborative research, development, test and evaluation of advanced analytic tools, techniques, and methodologies particularly in the area of enhancing human performance.

The original vision for ATIC grew out of a need to fill open intelligence analyst positions in the Dayton Region and throughout the U.S. Intelligence Community.  Critical shortfalls in that area were becoming increasingly evident due to an aging workforce, fewer U.S. citizens receiving science and technology degrees, and changing threats to our nation. 

ATIC’s clear advantage is in the broad participation of government, industry, and academia.  In return, ATIC offers access to a trained, cleared workforce, support for continuing education requirements, secure facilities for ongoing operations, and managed research and development programs.  Support of ATIC's mission and collaboration with its stakeholders bring value to the Dayton region and to the intelligence and national security missions of the United States. These collaborative efforts highlight the capabilities of the Dayton region to a national audience.